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hi hello my name is kristen. i'm a twenty four year old wishing i lived in nashville.

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this blog is mostly teen wolf, with a little tvd, to, and reign. you can find my multifandom blog right here.

the lovely jaz made my sidebar ♥

because sometimes i like to pretend like i know how to photoshop.


insurgent by veronica roth

arrow s2
reign s1
teen wolf s4

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x - ed sheeran

changed my url from isaac-lahey to maliahale

made an updates page and joined the malianet network

you can call me queen kristen
teen wolf has ruined my life

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Anonymous: "what network??"

I believe tha anon was referring to the #marrishnetwork

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Anonymous: "For the network do you have to post something on why you want to be in the network or is there a page to fill out?"

Thought about doing something like that but decided against it. Honestly didn’t think this many people would be interested. We’ll be looking at blogs (for tagging systems, content, etc.) and deciding, but you can send a message about why you’re interested in the network if you want!! That might give you brownie points???

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Lydia, it wasn’t your fault. I was there too.

It [Mary’s inability to conceive] actually has made me a little bit paranoid about whether or not I can actually have children, as me, Adelaide. Not that I want to for another ten years but it made me think: That does happen…That happens.