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hi hello my name is kristen. i'm a twenty four year old wishing i lived in nashville.

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this blog is mostly teen wolf, with a little tvd, to, and reign. you can find my multifandom blog right here.

the lovely jaz made my sidebar ♥

because sometimes i like to pretend like i know how to photoshop.


insurgent by veronica roth

arrow s2
reign s1
teen wolf s4

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x - ed sheeran

changed my url from isaac-lahey to maliahale

made an updates page and joined the malianet network

you can call me queen kristen
teen wolf has ruined my life

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Video by Florida-Georgia Line: “Florida Georgia Line - This Is How We Roll ft. Luke Bryan”

Click this link for me and watch the video all the way through once pleeeeease?

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Holland Roden @ SPLASH, an Exclusive Media Event by Live Love Spa (09/17/2014)

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Somerhalder Secrets Bio

Love Ian Somerhalder? Then you’ll lovelovelove this app!

Somerhalder Secrets - Raised on the Bayou Journey into the dark waters of Louisiana and reveal fun facts about the beloved Somerhalder family in a cartoon style game featuring the treasures of the bayou they were raised on.


  • four months old
  • canons and originals
  • engaging plot
  • can you catch a killer? 
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I’m not neurotic.
             Yeah, you are. But it’s  c u t e.